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what we do

We're more than just a store!

If there's something that we don't do but you absolutely need, we can sure help you find the right people to get the job done right.


fuel polishing


yacht management

Fuel tanks on boats accumulate sludge and develop algae. When the weather gets rough the fuel and the contaminants get stirred up which can result in fuel starvation for the engines. Why wait for this to happen to you when we can help.

Whether it is minor repairs or a complete remodel, our team of qualified professionals can get your boat looking just the way you dreamed. Custom woodworking is our specialty so why not take advantage of our expertise.

If you are looking for someone just as passionate about boats as yourself to help you take care of your vessel, look no further! Our team has decades of marine experience for you to take advantage of. We will take care of your vessel as if were our own!

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(604) 682-3788

© 2016 SK Designs